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primark - breast cancer awareness


Director & DOP

Sony - Leica Summicron-R


Director, Editor: Do Good Things

Art Director: Sam Murray
Producer: Phoebe Hall

PM: Renee McCarthy

Casting Director: Heather March
DOP: Do Good Things

Set Designer: Georgia Currell

Stylist: Yvadney Davis

MUA: Mattie White

Styling Assistant: Izzie Gotobed

Seamstress: Jess Innes

Hair Stylist: Cathy Innes

Stills: Gabby Laurent

Loader: Frankie Pike

Lighting Assistant: Jessica Ellis

Score: Sivan Talmor
Colourist: Seth Finegold

Client: Primark
Agency: Production Factory



Lily Robert

Frances Warburton

Tabby Duff

Emma Sola

Filmed at Omega Studios in London.

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